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Eric Tan

From Eric Tan himself, everything about himself

Eric Tan (born Tan Feng Soon; Chinese: 陈封顺; 19 May 1991) is a Advertising Graphic Designer student from Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy (CMA) since July 2014. Prior to his studies at CMA, he was experimenting with Design, Scriptwriting, Videography and Photography since 2006.


Apart from Graphic Design, Tan plays music instruments during his free time.


Tan was born in Perak, Malaysia and grew up in Singapore before turning one year old. 

Childhood and Education

Tan was born on 19 May 1991, at Perak, Malaysia to Tan Tew Yong (also known as Eric too), an Electrical Electronic Engineer and Lee Siew Lan, a homemaker. Tan is the only child in the family.


Tan moved to Singapore because his father was employed there.

Eric Tan

Eric with his Shootboard, March 2014

Birth Name





Years active

Alma mater


Tan Feng Soon

19 May 1991 (age 23)

Perak, Malaysia

Graphic Design, Videography, Photography, Scriptwriting

2006, 2012 - present

Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy

Tan had attended Juying Primary School from 1998 until 2003. He attended Boon Lay Secondary School from 2004 until 2007 where he passed the GCE N' Level Examination. He then attended ITE College West (Balestier Campus now ITE Choa Chu Kang) from 2008 to 2009 majoring in Mechatronics. He major in Mechatronics is largely because of family line of occupation, which he graduated with NITEC in Mechatronics


Upon completing his mandatory two years of National Service on 2012, Tan attended PSB Academy majoring in Business Administration, where he did not complete his Business studies, finding that 'its not his cup of tea'. After leaving PSB Academy halfway, Tan attended Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Design from 2013 until 2014, where he graduated with Professional Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and Design.




Before design became Tan's full time career and passion, Tan's first very first production was itled as 'One Exam Journey' that was written and film with a Nokia camera phone when he was in Secondary 3. He then subsequently made random short clips in class. Five years later, he was commission by his former colleague to produce a parody video of Gangnam Style, which Tan eventually decided that he should go back to art field.

Graphic Design


Tan started to have interest in drawing when he was little, but it was just a hobby back then. It was during when his former colleague commission him to film a parody video of Gangnam Style during the peak of its popularity. It was during the filming, Tan decided that maybe he should try going back art field. Tan eventually applied to CMA course majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Design after a few weeks of searching online. He graduated from CMA with Professional Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and Design in 2014.

Videography and Scriptwriting


Tan started doing short video clip during his secondary school days. His first production was titled as 'One Exam Journey' that was written and film with a Nokia camera phone when he was in Secondary 3. The video was uploaded on his Facebook recently with updated subtitle and credits with some added effect. Apart from this production, he subsequently did random short clips in class. Tan's next major production was commission by his former colleague is to film a parody of Gangnam Style MV, it is considered as a major production as of date. 


The most recent production Tan did was a video for My Take On Water by PUB competition, titled 'Don't Make That Drop The Last' back in 2013 and for Aiducation International titled 'ONE Dollar'.

Software and Skills Proficiency


Tan's software proficiency primarily consist of, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. But he have knowledge and limited proficiency on Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect and Final Cut Pro, which he will use it for his work every now and then. But Tan is willing to explore and further expand his knowledge on those limited proficiency softwares.


Tan's skills proficiency consist of, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Web Design, Photo & Videography, Branding, Corporate Identity, Typography, Production and Post-Production.



Largely a self-taught avid musician, Tan have been playing with instrument since 2006, starting with drums, followed by bass guitar and eventually to guitar which are Tan's primary instruments. On top of that, Tan is able to play harmonica and ukulele. His influence are largely The Beatles, Queen, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and various artist.

Eric Tan's Musicianship




Years active




Pop, Rock

Vocals, bass guitar, guitar, ukulele, drums

2006 - present

The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Queen

Notable instruments

Hofner 500/1

Epiphone Casino

Cort Acoustic

Tama Rockstar

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